A General Overview of the Renovation Process

The home renovation process can be as simple as adding a new shade of paint to your walls and as complexed as building on an additional room, level or living space. Home renovations can be fun and exciting because they gives you the opportunity to add personal touches and incorporate a bit of your own style into the home. Choosing the renovation and whether to do it yourself or bring in a professional contractor really depends on your mechanical aptitude. However, it is always a good idea to discuss your plans with a contractor in order to make sure your renovation is compliant with the local city code. The information below will give you a general idea of things to look for when electing to begin a home renovation project.

  • Action Plan – Once you’ve settled on the project, if it is construction based in nature or spans multiple rooms, you will want to put an action plan down on paper that outlines the materials needed and steps in the project so that you can methodically progress through the renovation without getting overwhelmed. Discussing the plan with a contractor is highly recommended as well because they can offer suggestions and tips on the process.
  • Add Features – After you’ve got an approved plan, it is time to incorporate the features that will make this project unique to you. These would include things like new fixtures, colours and surfaces along with your architectural designs. For instance, this would be the time to plan for your flooring materials and appliances or furnishings like a range for the kitchen or vanity for your bathroom.
  • Dream Home Designs – This goes a little beyond just adding the furniture or painting the walls. This step is where you’ve assessed your budget and can use the remaining funds to incorporate those features that you would only expect in your dream home. These could be marble accents in the foyer, or French doors to your patio…whatever you envision as the most exciting features to add to your home.
  • Choosing the contractor – If your home renovation is comprehensive, odds are you have already discussed the project with a contractor as suggested above, but now it is time to select one that can make your renovation happen. This might be the same one you’ve consulted, but you may want to hire someone that also has design installation experience as well.
  • Plumbing and Electrical – After selecting a contractor for the renovation, they may be able to add the needed utilities themselves or suggest another professional, but either way this step in the process should be left to a licensed and certified contractor.

Overall these are the basic guidelines for getting started with a home renovation and as you can see, a familiar pattern in the process is seeking help from one or many contractors that can offer advice on design, flow and the technical components of your project. When you create a solid action plan and have reviewed it to make sure it coincides with your budget, a contractor like London Renovations should be able to put it in place if you elect to hire someone to make it a reality.