Fireplace Ideas

Apart from a few individuals, a majority of us dream of spending time in front of a crackling fire. Maybe you could have gone camping, or just having a romantic dinner in your house with rain water cascading on the windows. In today’s world, modern technology has made it possible to have your own fireplace despite the thought of whether your space precludes the possibility, or your location and the budget.

Having a fireplace in a small room could make the house smaller because much of your living space would have been infringed into. Getting a fireplace in the living room should not be a nightmare for any homeowner; as with technology and up dated equipment, so much can be done within the space available. Ceiling-suspended models are the best for any room as they usually free up floor space. All you need to do is be open minded about home renovations Toronto transforming your home into coziness of serenity.

1. Use of Natural Stone

A fireplace can make the unimaginable be a reality, as one can create a fireplace inspired by nature right inside their house. Whether designed from shining granite, intricately carved marble, or from river rocks, a fireplace can take on a multiple of forms which work well. If you feel that the weight or cost could be too much, that should be the least of your concerns. Finishes which have the same design as those of natural stone are affordable.

2. Use of Wood

Technology has broken a lot of barriers which was never imaginable in previous years as now almost everything can be used in decoration. More materials are being used and one of them is wood. Wood can be carved in many ways to make it attractive and a majority of people would love it in their homes. For instance, exotic woods would suit your unique taste.

Nowadays many fireplaces are used for ornamental roles but let us not forget the time when they were used by our forefathers for cooking and other practical uses. In spite of technology coming up with modern ways of constructing fireplaces, our ancestors were the initiators of these beautiful places in the home. A huge inviting hearth is the best way to have an evening with family members while reminiscing on memories gone by. A collection of suspended cookware around it could still serve the same purpose it did centuries back.

Fireplaces are not passed from one generation to another hence we can break the monotony of using bricks, and come up with better ideas. Better materials like bronze, stainless steel, copper, and concrete are finding their way into contemporary fireplaces’ creation. With new materials a way has been paved for new shapes from circles to sensuous curves, teardrops and even pyramids are making a statement.

Other designs that are making a statement with fireplaces include bowl shaped designs, contemporary fireplaces made from glass which illuminate the beauty of the shining tiles with reflection from the fire. Finally you do not have to go for camping to warm your feet on roaring fire. Technology has made it possible for the backyard to be transformed into an outdoor oasis.