Tips to Revamp your Family Room

Family rooms are one of the most important areas to work on during home renovations Toronto. You often use the space to relax and bond with your family, watch TV, play games or entertain guests. Often, homeowners consider renovating the family room to make it more comfortable and practical for the family. We’ll share with you a few ideas to transform this special space in your home.

Create a small library

You can transform a small section of your family room to a miniature library. This doesn’t mean that the room will now appear cluttered. You can simply add some shelves on the walls and a small table. This can be an extra space for your kids to do their homework or for you to enjoy reading your favorite novel. Just throw in a small sofa with some cushions and shelves to showcase your book collection. This will quickly transform that small area in your family room into a quiet reading space.

Take advantage of the high ceiling

Most modern homes are designed with beautiful high ceilings. If you notice the ceiling looks plain and empty, consider upgrading the room with a beautiful chandelier or light fixtures that add a dramatic effect in the room. Having a centerpiece on your ceiling is one way to showcase your unique style. However, if you don’t have a high ceiling avoid cluttering the area with chandeliers and light fixtures. Use these elements only if you have the space. You can install recessed lights if you have a low ceiling and still create a beautiful lighting effect.

Make it cozy and warm

The most comfortable living space in your home should certainly be the family room. There are so many great ideas to add warmth and coziness to this space. If you have quilts or throws on your couch, don’t add more because they’ll take up a lot of space. You don’t have to keep the blankets on the couch. You can have a blanket chest that is designed with a fabric which matches the rest of your home’s interior décor. Look for a suitable way to store the blankets in the family room without stealing its beauty. Keeping the blankets just a couple of feet away will work perfectly.

Add a pop of colour

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colours in your family room. You can go for any colour theme you choose. If you are looking to design a family room that younger kids will enjoy, choose brighter colours and bolder textures. If you however prefer a more laid-back look, the cooler colours like gray and blue would work best.

Consider investing in beautiful pieces of artwork or decorative furniture that will stand out in your family room. Consider the architectural elements and lines that will divide the space because they will either make the room look spacious or small and cluttered. Most importantly, minimize on the statement pieces you have in the room. Don’t over-decorate or create too many layers by adding elements that do not complement each other.