What do I need to know when considering a home renovation or remodelling project?

Renovation goal or objective:

You should have an understanding of what you want to accomplish with your proposed project. If you are considering a kitchen remodel for example are you just looking for a fresh new look or would you like more counter top work space, more cabinet storage, a more open and usable space with better flow? 

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Every project no matter how big or small requires a budget. Your budget must reflect what your are comfortable spending. It must also be realistic and adequate for the desired project. If you are unsure if the project you are considering is possible with the budget you have in mind you may want to discuss this with a contractor you trust. While some people may feel uneasy disclosing their budget to their contractor they are the most knowledgeable source to determine what can and what cannot be accomplished within your established budget. If a project doesn’t fit within your budget they can offer cost saving solutions, design alternatives and methods of scaling the project back so that you can the proposed renovation does fit within your budget.