Things you should know about planning your kitchen renovation.


1. Cabinets:

Once cabinets are selected and ordered it typically takes 6 -10 weeks before they are produced and ready for install. Because of the significant lead time the cabinets typically need to be ordered well in advance of starting the renovation project.

2. Hard Surface countertops.

Hard surface countertops like quarts or granite are a beautiful upgrade for any kitchen. While traditional laminate counters can be installed as early as the day after the cabinets are installed the templating and machining process involved with hard surface countertops takes 2-4 weeks once the cabinets are installed. Customers should be aware that a decision to go with hard surface counter tops will result in an extended renovation schedule versus typical laminate counters.

3. Custom Appliances:

Most custom appliance require that the kitchen cabinets be custom sized and built to fit. The countertops may also need to be specifically cut to accommodate these appliances. Before you start designing your kitchen or a least before your kitchen designs are finalized your cabinet designer and supplier will need the complete specification of the appliances you have chosen. Before you give the appliance specification to your cabinet designer you will first want to confirm the appliance availability, expected delivery time and the appliance specifications as they can change. Failure to diligently confirm all these details can be extremely detrimental to the success of your renovation. Delivery lead times for most custom appliances are typically within a few months but in some cases have been known to be as much as six months. If you were unaware of such an extended lead-time this could cause major delays in your project.

Appliance models listed on many websites as well as appliances on display at your local supplier may not be current and may not be available from the manufacturer. Discovering that you selected appliance has been discontinued after your cabinets have been ordered can be disastrous. New appliances will need to be chosen which quite probably will not match the specifications of the previous model your cabinets are being built to fit. You may end up re-ordering cabinets at extra cost to the project and further time delays.