Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

Want a rich look in your home? These tips from stylists, designers and bloggers are proof that you can get posh style without a steep price tag.

Keep It Clean

"I am up and about for more than 12-14 hours a day, sometime in heels that should be illegal. So the one thing I look forward to is calling it a night in a bed with freshly laundered sheets. There's something magical about being able to indulge in a personal, clean and soft bed that I find priceless. Add lavender candles and I'm a happy, happy gal." -Manvi Drona, Mochatini

Go Faux

"I have a go-to trick I love to help make any space feel instantly luxe. While I love the look of fur blankets and throws, I don't love the price and prefer to go faux anyway. So, one of my favorite tricks is to buy two or three faux fur throws and get them sewn together at my local dry cleaners. Then, voila! You have a custom fur blanket to drape over your bed." -Erica Reitman, Design Blahg




Don't Lose Your Marbles

"I love the look of high-end materials like marble and polished brass, but if you can't afford, say, an all-marble kitchen countertop, why not bring those materials into your space by using them on smaller pieces and home accessories? I have a table lamp with a marble base that adds a very posh touch to my home office." - Camille Styles, lifestyle blogger & Creative Director at 





Be Brassy

"I've placed a couple of small brass sculptural objects on a bookshelf that add another layer of luxe." - Camille Styles, lifestyle blogger & Creative Director at 








Look Into Mirrors

"One way to make a room feel luxurious is by purchasing an assortment of different sized antique frames and then painting them all white. Instead of filling them with pictures, I like to put mirrors inside them. Hang in different spots on one main wall and instantly the room will feel luxurious!" - Anthony Baratta, Anthony Baratta, LLC