Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks - The Sequel

Work That Artwork

"Art is a great go-to for giving your space a more luxurious, unique feel. A lot of people are intimidated by art because it can be so expensive. But you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune on art. All of my favorite art comes either from artist friends or from flea markets and thrift stores. You can update vintage art by framing it in a fresh new frame." - Orlando Soria, Creative Director, Homepolish


Add Some Flower Power

"Place a small spray of pink, store-bought tulips or carnations in a tight arrangement in a small vase or decorative glass on the nightstand. It adds a dose of boutique hotel hospitality, elevating the everyday moments." - Marisa Marcantonio, Stylebeat



Test Your Metals

"When I think luxe, I think just a hint of shimmer or sparkle. It's the 'less is more' rule and making those little moments pop! Like wearing a little black dress, but the real element that makes it special is the jewelry. Bits of metallic accessories throughout can elevate any space." - Tyler Wisler, Tyler Wisler Home



Dim the Lights

"I always make sure there's a dimmer on every light switch, and that I have plenty of lamps throughout a space. Adjusting the lighting in a room can make it moody, cozy, romantic, relaxing, and definitely luxurious." - Julia Noran, President and Site Director, 







Treat Your Windows

"My trick for making a low budget space appear much more high-end is to splurge on tailored window covering, even if everything else within the room is low-end. This doesn't mean $100 per yard fabric needs to be used. In fact, the drapery panels can even be ready-made; they just need to be properly lined, hemmed and attached to drapery rods with rings and drapery hooks. So, anytime someone asks me my must-have styling trick to give a room a luxurious or high-end look, my answer is always to pay close attention to the tailoring of windows." - Brian Patrick Flynn, Decor Demon


Don't Ignore Your Entry

"Having fresh flowers on display to greet guests when they walk in the door is an instant mood-uplifter. Not only does it add a wonderful fragrance, it adds a touch of color and natural beauty like nothing else can." - Marisa Marcantonio, Stylebeat