Create a unique space for your family and friends by adding a guest house to your backyard.

When looking to create a unique backyard, don’t limit yourself to just a deck or a pool. Backyard guest houses are sometimes forgotten as a major asset to any home. While they’re associated with large extravagant homes with an excess of space, you can incorporate a backyard house in almost any space.

Think of it this way, if you have room for a medium sized storage shed in your backyard, you have room for a guest house! Guest houses aren’t just an added luxury, they have a lot of benefits and can bring a new level to your home design.

Benefits of Guest Houses

Guest houses have many benefits when it comes to what they can add to your home. The largest benefit is the added value to your home. You are extending the available living space in your home. This is a major value boost if you plan to sell your home later.

Depending upon how you design your backyard house, you can also rent it out for added income. If you plan to rent out the space, you will have to be sure to design the guest house meets building code and pass inspection. You can also choose to decide a completely separate home, or have the guest house share amenities and utilities with the main house.

This is also a popular option for homeowners that have adult children moving back from college or elderly family members that want to be close by. They are separate from the main house and have independence, but they are still nearby.

A major benefit to designing a guest house is that you can keep the extra spaces in your home that are typically renovated for apartments or guest rooms. For instance, the attic and basement are two major places for home renovation. If these spaces are already finished or you don’t want to give up your storage space, you don’t have to! By building a separate structure in your backyard, you are also able to avoid any of the interruptions that come with renovations on the main house.

Photo Credit :  HomeEdit

Photo Credit : HomeEdit

Guest House Structures

The actual structure of your guest house depends completely on your home style. You can have it match the main house or decide to build a unique backyard house that stands on its own. While it’s going to be much smaller than your main house, it still may be better to leave this one to the pros if you’re not an experience DIY-er. 

If you want to keep a traditional home design throughout the entire property, a shed like structure is the perfect solution. While the outside looks simple, you can design your tiny house interior however you want! This is a great option for those that have Homeowners Association restrictions about backyard structures.

Small cabins give your traditional shed design a different edge. Whether you go with an A Frame cabin or choose a small wood home, you can add some rustic charm to the backyard house.

If you want to really add a wow factor to your backyard, consider a treehouse guest house. While these backyard getaways are often associated with children, they’ve become more extravagant. This will surely give your home a unique edge compared to others.

Another thing to consider when you’re planning your guest house design is how it will fit into your backyard. Landscaping and pathways can help to create the overall aesthetic of your backyard house. Well-lit pathways are important for any backyard, but particularly those including a guest house design.

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