Window and Door Care Tips

After your window or door installation has been complete, you may start to wonder how to  clean and maintain them. That is why we decided to provide you with some helpful tips:

Glass: Using a regular glass cleaner is fine, however, try avoiding ammonia or alchohol-based sprays as they tend to leave a mess of streaks on the window. Also, remember to use a high-quality lint-free microfiber towel. It will prevent scratching by disallowing the dirt to drag against the surface and will rather lift it. Clean the glass from top-bottom applying light pressure. Old clothing, newspapers, and vinegar based solutions are not recommended for cleaning use.

Frame: Using a mild soap or detergent with warm water and a soft rag is fine. You can gently wipe the frame from excess dirt. Heavier environmental buildup like grease or oil may require solutions heavier like Mr. Clean. Be careful not to scrape or use too much detergent in and around insulating seal units, glazing areas, and the frame finish to avoid damage. Also, stay away from powder-based detergents as they may leave scratches on the frame.

Screen: The screen can also be washed with a soft rag, warm water, and mild soap or detergent. If you wish, it can also be vacumed first using a soft brush attachment. If taken out when washed, both sides can then be sprayed with a light pressure garden hose to remove dust and debris. For better protection remember to place a soft cloth underneath the screen while cleaning.

Hardware Parts: Operational window components require just as much cleaning care. All parts like handles, hinges, locks, screws, tracks and rubber seals have to be lubricated at least once a year for smooth operation. Loose dirt and buildup can first be wiped with a cloth and warm water. Once fully dry, all the parts can then be coated with a silicone-based lubricant.

Doors: A convinient way can be to use an extended duster around the door frame and its sides first. If the door is got blinds, they can also be dusted off with a clean, soft paintbrush. Use a methyl hydrate spray to wipe vinyl doors, high-quality Windex for high-gloss vynyl doors and damp soft cloth for wooden doors.