Stylish Wall Planters You Can Buy Or Make Yourself

The walls are not just for paintings or shelves. In fact, if you’d rather do something special for your home, you should try decorating the walls in a less common and mainstream manner. We suggest wall planters. They make spaces look fresh and they’re great if you want to add some color to a room without being too obvious while at the same time inviting nature into your home. Wall planters are more versatile and more interesting than we often consider them and this can be viewed as an opportunity to create something surprisingly beautiful.

Wall planters you can make

Individual planters can be mounted on a wall just like you’d hang framed pictures or paintings to create a gallery display. This can be easily done using a drill and some wall anchors. You can use simple terra-cotta pots since the plants are the ones that stand out. You can hang the pots at different heights to create a unique arrangement, in a way similar to what’s shown on themerrythought.

If you prefer a more organized and compact look, you can arrange several small planters in a grid and attach them to a wooden panel which is mounted to the wall. Each planter can be held by a ring and they can be rearranged as desired. Shanty-2-chic offers a really nice tutorial regarding this project. You can use this as a decor feature for the dining room, living area but also in the kitchen where instead of flowering plants you could grow herbs.

How about repurposing a wooden pallet? That usually works…given how versatile these things are. You can turn a pallet into a support structure for planters and since you’re eco-friendly and all you could also repurpose some glass jars or some tin cans instead of using pots. You can hang them with wire, rings or you can come up with your own custom idea. Check out stylemepretty for reference.

Isn’t this arrangement just pretty? You have three rectangular wooden boxes, each able to two or three planters or a planter and a vase or a picture frame. It’s a beautiful combination of decorations with lots of character and the best thing about it is the simplicity. This is something you can put together yourself if you have some wood and a bit of paint or wood stain. You can find out more about it from the description offered on littlevintagenest.

We came across the very interesting idea of combining a vertical planter with a house number. The project is featured on sarahhearts and requires the following supplies: a circle wall planter, house numbers, spray paint and primer, glue, a drill, screws and, of course, potting mix and succulents. You can display your creation on the wall right next to your front door or on your porch.