Make the most valued room the most valuable

It’s not only the most common renovation we perform, the kitchen renovation typically also offers a return on investment of 130% in resale for the average reno*. It’s clearly a room that’s highly valued, by both homeowners and homebuyers!

Perhaps you’re thinking of renovating your own kitchen because of outdated cabinetry or insufficient size. Or maybe it’s a layout that has never worked right for you. Creating the perfect new area for you and your family is not only achieved with solid craftsmanship and high quality materials. The success of your new kitchen will also depend on good planning.

London Renovations has the building expertise from years of experience, but we also take the time needed to plan your kitchen properly. We ask questions to discover your current and future needs, your desired lifestyle and your entertaining preferences. In collaboration with you, we plan your perfect kitchen design and layout. Carefully walking our clients through this process encourages everyone to think through the myriad of decisions before we get into the work. This relieves a lot of stress and makes for a very enjoyable phase in the project.