It's Winter...Focus on Interior Renovations over Exterior Projects


Set your goals on the interior over the exterior

To make things a little easier on yourself for your winter renovation, take on projects that are indoors instead of outside where the weather can hinder construction budget and time.  Jump on tasks on the inside like switching outdoors of the interiors, repainting the walls in the bathroom, kitchen, tiling, replacing appliances, or laying new flooring throughout your home.  Even some projects done within the basement or attic would be better than trying to tackle outdoor projects. Keep your outdoor holiday home looking pristine and focus on small jobs inside.

Set a budget for time and money

You don’t want to go into financial overload with home renovations.  After you have found out which projects you plan on doing, find out the costs and time span it will take to get them done.  Estimate how much you would prefer to spend on all of the projects overall, see if there can be any wiggle room just in case it comes down to that to certain surprises that were anticipated on.  But plan on asking a professional when it comes down to the bigger projects.