Tips for Planning the Ultimate Bathroom

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Go ahead. Close your eyes, and take a moment to imagine your future dream home… 
Were you blinded by visions of towel racks and toilet bowls?
Probably not.

But one thing we know for sure: once that dream becomes your wonderful reality, you’ll be thankful you took the time to plan the perfect bathroom. After all, where else will you find a cozy refuge on those cold winter mornings? Or enjoy a hot, soothing bath after an exhausting day? Or just sneak away for a few glorious moments of peace and quiet?

At London Renovations, we’ve installed and remodelled a LOT of bathrooms, working hard to satisfy our clients’ differing needs and transform their exciting visions into picture-perfect creations every time. And we’d be glad to do the same for you.

In the meantime, here’s a few handy tips and professional insights to help guide you along the way to designing your ultimate bathroom.

Let there be light!

  • Take full advantage of all available natural light with bigger windows—or even a skylight
  • Aim for multiple tones and layers to ensure the perfect lighting in every situation
  • Add mirror-side wall sconces, which cast an ideal vanity light

Less is more

  • Plan for a pristine, uncluttered layout, which is always inviting
  • Think white or neutral colours to create space, particularly in smaller bathrooms
  • Incorporate a shower screen or large mirrors to enhance this openness

Classic beauty never grows old

  • Opt for a freestanding tub to blend old-world charm with modern technology
  • Remember that sturdy, streamlined fixtures never go out of style
  • Mix in an eye-catching chandelier to bring elegance to a new height