How to beat the summer heat with some simple or not so simple renovations

Between global temperatures on the rise and hot humid summers, here are some ideas and projects that could keep your home cool.


A lot of us love basking in the warmth of the sun when we’re outside, however, when temperatures begin to soar, that hot heat can seem unbearable. With advances in technology and design, there are always new ways to keep cool.

There are a lot of strategies, which vary in cost and difficulty, to help your house stay cool in the ever-increasing heat of summer. There are also some larger projects to consider when heat proofing your home.

  • House orientation. This focuses on maximizing a property’s design according to the climate in order to maintain a comfortable temperature — think natural shade and breezes.
  • Exterior design. This design aims to maximize the interior climate by focusing on the layout and materials of your home to help create a comfortable indoor climate, plus efficient energy use.
  • Thermal mass. This is a building material’s ability to store and absorb heat energy and then release it into an area.
  • Windows and shading. Thinking about where your current windows and overhangs are located, as well as considering where to put any new ones, will contribute to a cool temperature in your home.
  • Air movement and ventilation. Where the walls, doors, doorways and windows sit in relation to each other can promote cool airflow throughout the house. Ventilation also contributes to airflow — if there’s no ventilation, there’s nowhere for hot air to escape.
  • Insulation. Making sure you have the best insulation for your climate will help you heat and cool your home without blowing your budget by overusing air conditioners or heaters.
  • Roof space. Hot air rises, so it’s always best to make sure that when it does, it can escape out of your house.