Home Renovations


London Renovations can undertake a number of projects to help you transform your existing residential space into the home of your dreams!

  • Home Additions -- Sometimes your family can outgrow your house. The solution may not lie in moving, but rather adding some extra living space to your current home, such as attached, second-story, or modular home additions;
  • Exercise Rooms -- A home gym can be the convenient solutions for all your fitness needs.
  • Offices – a home office can help you maximize your productivity and give you the environment you need to take your business to the next level;
  • Basements/Home Theatres -- Turn your basement into a gathering place for friends and family (games room, bar, entertainment centre, media room), or create space for temporary -- or permanent -- residents (guest or extra bedroom, extra bathroom);
  • Bathrooms -- With custom showers, spas, tile installation, and custom flooring options, today’s bathrooms can be as stunning and stylish as they are functional – and can add value to your home;
  • Kitchens -- Arguably the heart of any home, London Renovations experience with the latest advances in kitchen design and appliances can help you make your dream kitchen – one that reflects your needs and lifestyle -- a reality.
  • Garages -- Maximize your garage space to optimize function and storage, whether you use it to store your vehicle, as extended storage, or as a home workshop.