Isn’t it time you replaced those energy-wasting windows?


The warmth that escapes through your windows during the colder months accounts for up to 25% of your annual heating bill. At London Renovations, we exclusively use one of the top eco-friendly window brands on the market: Vinylbilt. Designed for Canada’s harshest climates, their high-quality products are engineered to provide as much as 40% more insulating value than your existing windows, keeping your home more comfortable, and saving up to 18% on energy costs. The company’s leading-edge glass also saves water -- not to mention labour – by using the sun and rain to help keep the exterior surface clean.

Nor do you have to sacrifice beauty for energy-efficiency – these windows feature a variety of attractive frame styles as well as no-haze glass that boasts better visibility and clarity than competitors’ brands. What’s more, more than 40 years of quality craftsmanship and a zero defect commitment on the manufacturer’s part, plus London Renovations’ team of skilled, fully-certified contractors add up to a worry-free investment that will pay dividends for decades to come. Schedule your installation with us today!