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Our Standard Simply-Clean® exterior coating actually helps keep your windows clean. Here’s how it works: the sun’s UV rays decompose and loosen dirt, dust, and other organic deposits so rain will wash them away. The special, ultra-smooth surface also allows water to flow off smoothly and evaporate quickly, inhibiting the formation of water spots.


Low-emissivity (LoE) glass is coated with a material that reflects the sun’s heating rays during the summer, but allows them to pass through during the winter, yet lets light stream in. Some products feature three layers of coating, which keeps as much as 64% of unwanted heat from entering from outdoors, and retains 98% of the heat or cold inside.  This triple-layer technology also keeps both the exterior and interior surfaces of the glass at similar temperatures, controlling humidity.


All of the windows we use are CSA approved, manufactured with the finest materials and workmanship, and backed by Vinylbilt’s exclusive lifetime warranty. And London Renovations’ team of reputable, reliable professionals makes installation as tidy, and trouble-free as possible.