July Home Maintenance Checklist - better late than never!

There’s nothing quite like the days of summer. We’ve been waiting all year to enjoy these sunny days and warm nights, so it’s important that we keep our homes well maintained to prevent any unwelcome interruptions to our summer schedules. 

For our July Home Maintenance Checklist we’re focusing on keeping your lawn looking its best. Be sure to fertilize your lawn this month (unless you live within a condominium where lawn preparation is maintained by the property manager). Fertilizing your lawn will give it a lust-worthy tone and encourage healthy growth. Many fertilizers also have the added benefit of keeping weeds at bay, so be sure to choose the best product for your lawn’s needs.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our July home maintenance tips:

  • Clean or replace furnace filter, HRV or humidifier filter (if applicable)

  • Clean air conditioning filter (if applicable)

  • Check exhaust and vents for debris

  • Clean range hood/OTR filter

  • Check sump pump to ensure that it is operating properly