Bathroom Ventilation Fan Cleaning Tips

Bathroom vent fans serve an important function in your home by removing excess humidity, which can cause mold and mildew to form. To make sure your fans are in good working order, clean and test them every six months.


To clean and test a bathroom vent fan:

  1. Turn Off Power: Flip the switch that controls the fan or turn off the circuit breaker before cleaning the vent fan.

  2. Remove Cover: Remove the grille from the vent fan. Most vent fan covers are removed by pulling the cover down, then squeezing the metal springs on each side of the cover together.

  3. Clean Fan: Use a vacuum cleaner crevice tool attachment to remove dirt and debris from inside the fan housing, being careful not to damage the fan.

  4. Install Cover: Replace the vent fan cover on the fan by squeezing the metal springs together and fitting them in the slots on each side of the fan housing.

  5. Turn Power Back On: Flip the switch that controls the fan or turn the circuit breaker back on.

  6. Test Fan: Turn the fan on and place a full size tissue on the fan cover. If the fan is drawing properly, the tissue will be drawn to the fan cover. Turn the fan off to remove the tissue from the fan cover.