Things to Consider When Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor

Many households are considering remodelling their homes during spring time, and all the pending projects around the home come to surface. You may be thinking of adding a new bathroom or remodelling your kitchen or creating more space for children to form a better quality of day to day life. All these projects are very worthwhile and require a few important considerations before you get started. Below are 5 key tips to selecting and working with a qualified contractor.

Check credentials

Can they give you a list of previous clients?

A contractor who has been in business for a while, someone who is licensed and registered, has insurance and a solid reputation. A contractor who can share the previous work history and comments from other clients should be on top of your list for consideration. There’s no harm conducting a reference check and asking previous clients, if the contractor showed up—and finished—on time? And if there were any unexpected costs. Local contractors wouldn’t be around if they had not met this criteria.

Creativity and Design

A creative contractor will come up with design ideas to suit your needs and budgets unlike someone who gets carried away with following trends. Such contractors steer you in a direction of bringing creative designs for a lifetime and watch your interest first! Sometimes going with current trends alone can also be a dangerous thing, resulting in plenty of money being spent and more work necessary to replace a bold fixture. Be sure to think long and hard about the styling in your remodelled concept and opt for fixtures and a décor theme you can live with for decades. Select a contractor who does a thorough need analysis.

Value for Money

In this tough economy getting the right price is critical for all so get bids from your top three choices, tossing the lowball offer. While we’re all looking for value, be wary if someone comes in several thousand dollars below the others. Yes, it appears to be a great deal, but the contractor is most likely cutting corners somewhere, (perhaps using cheaper materials), or may start the project only to tell you down the line that it’s more complicated than initially assumed, and therefore more expensive. Be cheap but don’t invite trouble.

Think beyond price

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this contractor, so when you make your decision, think about whether you feel comfortable with their personality, background, methods, and communication skills. Is everyone clear about the project at hand—everyone on the same page? If not, you could end up disappointed, frustrated, and possibly out several thousand dollars beyond what you budgeted for.


It’s important to research contractors to know if they have experience in a type of project. Asking simple questions to the contractor themselves may help you make an informed decision

How many other projects would they have going at the same time?

How long have they worked with their subcontractors?

Home renovation can be fun and exciting. When hiring a general contractor don’t be afraid of doing your research and hiring a reputable one. Use these tips when considering hiring and being mindful of the contractor and their reputation.