Comfort and Beauty: Creating the Perfect Bathroom


You know it’s time for a bathroom renovation. The decision may be to create something more aesthetically pleasing, or you’ve now made peace with the fact that your avocado bathtub and toilet will never, ever come back in style. It’s always nice to aesthetically freshen up any space. But you could also be renovating out of necessity, such as when water damage and moisture build up and structural affect the integrity of your home.

Bathroom renovations, when properly completed, can add significant value to your house. Plus it’s an opportunity to improve functionality, style and comfort.

Renovations can seem overwhelming

With seemingly endless choices in flooring, wall tile and vanities, a bathroom renovation can seem overwhelming. Begin by narrowing down what you want. A good starting point is to look through home decor magazines, and visit bathroom supply store showrooms for inspiration. Ask questions so you have a better understanding of products and what would work best for you.

Practical considerations

A bathroom renovation is a long term decision. Consider choosing materials and products for beauty, comfort and what would work best in the space.

Flooring material is an important choice. Besides being beautiful, bathroom flooring should be durable and water resistant. Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are ideally suited for use in bathrooms. But they can be cold to the touch. Did you know that you can install a subfloor heater? It will help keep your bathroom floor warm and comfortable.

Make sure to plan for enough storage space. For example, choosing a pedestal sink will give your bathroom some elegance, but you’ll sacrifice storage space that a traditional cabinet provides.

Some Mistakes to Avoid:

Not creating a budget

By not having a budget, you are more likely to overspend. The first step is to decide how much overall you want to spend on a bathroom renovation. Go further and decide how much you are willing to allocate to each component: toilet, bathtub, vanity etc. And don’t be afraid to shop around. The price for the same piece can vary significantly from store to store.

Choosing Materials that aren’t made for Bathrooms

Just because it looks pretty doesn’t mean it should be put into the bathroom. Not all products are designed for use in bathroom construction. The bathrooms get wet, hot and steamy and not all materials can hold up to these conditions. Choose paints and flooring that are designed for use in a bathroom. They may be more expensive but in the long run they will be more durable.

A reputable contractor can help create your vision, avoid costly mistakes and renovate your bathroom so be classy, functional and add value to your home. That’s where we come in.