10 Easy Ways to Make-Over Your Bathroom Without Tearing Up Your Floor

If the idea of a full bathroom renovation sends you into a panic, or if it’s just simply not something you can or want to do right now, take a look at these ideas. There are a lot of simple, cheap changes you can make without worrying about paint swatches or ripping up tiles. Even better, most of our suggestions can be completed in an hour!

1 De-clutter

This is always the first step. If you have too many accessories, magazines and products piled on your counters and floors, you’re not even seeing the whole room. Clutter (don’t worry, we all have it) has to be cleared out regularly, otherwise it just builds. And builds. And builds. De-clutter the bathroom before you start anything. This will let you see the space in its entirety and will help you see where you can add or remove things. Sorting through the clutter will also help you figure out what actually needs to be kept in the bathroom – maybe you keep the magazines and buy a magazine shelf, but move the laundry hamper to your bedroom, etc.

2 Storage Solutions

Now that you’ve done Step 1, we suggest adding more storage solutions. One of the most important aspects of any room is functionality. Think about what you want to store and who needs to access it. Hang some lower hooks for young children, for example. Try adding racks or hooks on the back of the door to utilize that space and free up your walls. Consider using floating shelves at higher levels or above the toilet to add more surfaces for storage. For a great space-saving solution, have a look at corner shelves. If you have space underneath a counter, think about how many drawer towers you could fit there. Storage units and tools like these are also great ways to add colour accents to the room.

3 Taps, Faucets and Handles

This suggestion can work wonders, and it’s one of the only ideas we have that actually requires a screwdriver. If you’re getting bored of your old taps and door handles, change them! It’s not difficult and it’s not expensive either. Find a style you like that suits your decor and go with it. Whether its shiny chrome, pretty crystal, functional stainless steel or vintage porcelain, this minor change can make all the difference.

4 Mirrors

A new mirror can change the whole feel of the room. Spend a Sunday searching for a special antique or pop into a modern store to find a more contemporary design. Putting it up shouldn’t take long at all.

5 Shower Curtains & Screens

Often one of the first things you see when you walk into a bathroom, the shower curtain/door should be something you find appealing. You can stick with the classic vinyl or plastic ones and choose a funky design, or use a clear one. You can also add a fabric outer curtain (keeping a plastic inner one) to add a design element to the space. If you’re using doors, maybe a colour change is all that’s needed. Go from clear glass to frosted, or find a new material you prefer.

6 Accessories

Tooth brush holders, soap dispensers, hand towel racks, baskets, rubber ducks – all minor details that can easily become part of your overall bathroom design. Choose colours and styles that you like – you’re the one who will be using this room every day, you need to like it! Think about the things you can buy in sets if you want to match everything, or find eclectic pieces that complement each other. Think about all the things you can add to the room (without adding clutter). Baskets can add texture to the space and help organize your essentials. If you have a big counter, maybe you can cut a table cloth to fit it, adding colour and protecting the surface. You can also put decals on the walls or use stencils to paint small designs.

7 Towels

A trip to your favourite home furnishings store for new towels is one of the easiest ways to make-over your bathroom. We’ve all seen how our towels start to look after a while – the colour fades, there might be tears or stains you just can’t get out, perhaps there was an unfortunate accident with a bit of bleach. If it’s time to change your towels, use it as a chance to have fun and freshen up your bathroom. You’re free to experiment with colours and patterns – choose whatever you like. New towels will instantly add a pop of colour to the room.

8 Fancy Soaps

Up the elegance of your bathroom with fancy soaps. Whether it’s an organic liquid soap or a handcrafted bar, having a special handwashing option adds an element of luxury to your bathroom. It’s also a nice treat for your guests.

9 Candles

Candles in the bathroom can make for a lovely romantic evening or a relaxing meditation session. You can find handmade candles to add a more artsy flair to the space or mix and match store-bought ones. Think about the colours and scents you enjoy and arrange them however you like. Of course, always keep fire safety in mind and don’t forget to blow them out before you leave your sanctuary!

10 Sounds

Bring in a CD player or an iPod speaker set and find a spot where it can always sit. Making a sound system a permanent part of your bathroom gives you a way to turn the space into more than just a functional room where you brush your teeth. Whether it’s relaxing to meditation music while you soak in a hot bath or rocking out to your favourite songs while doing your hair, this simple change can easily transform the bathroom into a space that’s all about you.