Go Green with Bio-Glass

For a uniquely beautiful, functional and eco-friendly look for the work surfaces in your home or office, consider Bio-Glass.

This innovative building material is made of 100 per cent recycled glass that has been heat-processed to achieve a distinct decorative hard surface. The glass is produced with no fillers or binders – just 100 per cent pre- or post-consumer glass. This makes it an attractive option to consumers who want to use environmentally friendly building materials. One slab of Bio-Glass saves one cubic yard of landfill and reduces 35 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Excellent for Multiple Uses

Available in a lightly textured or smooth surface to suit any taste, the somewhat luminous Bio-Glass surface has been described as looking like translucent marble. Bio-Glass countertops are not only striking in appearance; they’re slip-resistant, nonporous and easy to clean. Although Bio-Glass is especially well-suited for counter or table surfaces, it also makes a great choice for flooring, walls, tub surrounds and fireplaces. With its versatility, Bio-Glass allows for a consistent design theme to be carried throughout the entire space.

Captivating Colours

There are six natural, saturated colours currently available in Bio-Glass: White Diamond, Oriental Jade (light green), Emerald Forest (dark green), Malachite (green melded with black), Fossil Amber (golden brown) and Aquamarine (blue). The hues are created by sorting and combining the source glass components, which are shards of glass from dinnerware, jars and bottles. Each piece of Bio-Glass is completely unique. To get the full effect of the colour and feel of this material, we suggest having a look at it in person.