40 tips for window replacement: part 8

36. While most window screens may remain in the windows year-round, some homeowners prefer to store screens during winter months. If you choose to remove your window screens, make certain to store them either in an upright or flat position.

37. Covering window screens with plastic or a sheet will keep them clean while in storage.

38. Make sure nothing sits on top of (or leans against) window screens to eliminate the chance of bending of the frames or poking a hole in the screens.

39. If a small hole or tear does occur in your screen, patch kits are available in most hardware and home store.

40. Homeowners unhappy with the look of a patch (or who have a large gash in their screen) may choose to get the screen mesh replaced on the entire unit. Many cities have screen repair services where you can take your screen frame and have new mesh added to replace torn mesh.