Patio Reno?


If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you’d probably want a patio with pillars and a sitting wall, a grill island or an outdoor kitchen, beautiful new landscaping, some cool outdoor lighting, a deck, and even a fireplace or fire pit table. 

However, what most homeowners do not realize is that the cost of each of these components will vary greatly depending on how they want to utilize them. For example, you’ll need more space and budget for a traditional lounge set up compared to a sectional seating. So, it’s essential to consider these aspects early on as how you want to enjoy your space will have a drastic impact on your budget.

Once you have an understanding of the purpose of your new backyard or patio, you’re all set to start creating a budget for your outdoor living space project. 

Here are some simple and useful ways to enhance the overall look of your backyard and patio if you’re on a budget and need to accomplish this without the need to spend too much:

  1. Define your space

  2. Create a Beautiful Garden Path

  3. Consider a Trellis

  4. Go Vertical

  5. The Beauty of Mulch