The Perfect Cobblestone For Your Driveway

Traditionally, granite is the material used for cobbles or cobblestones.  These durable hard rocks are attractive and available in a wide array of natural colors, making it simple to find a match if there’s a need to replace one. Also, granite cobblestones can easily withstand the weight of multiple cars and automobiles, which is a very important criteria when considering the material to use on your driveway.

Another option is reclaimed granite cobblestones which are often narrower and longer compared to the ones made today. They are also available in various beautiful natural colors. On the other hand, new granite cobblestones usually come in shades of brown or grey. 

Cobblestone or Belgian pavers are costly, but they will outlast almost all other paving options out there.

So, what makes cobbles or cobblestones the best landscaping natural stone for your driveway?

  1. First and foremost, it’s beautiful.

  2. It’s a highly dense material.

  3. It will not easily acquire scratches.

  4. It’s around 95% stain resistance, so you can easily remove any small stains easily.

  5. One of the hardest paving materials available.

  6. It can resist freeze-thaw condition, which means it can resist splitting or cracking, with the exception of concrete used in joints.

  7. Granite material can blend easily with several landscape types.