Selecting a Remodelling Contractor


The remodelling contractor you choose can be the biggest factor in determining the success or stress of your remodelling project. Selecting the right remodeller means, you are much more likely to be satisfied with your project and the remodelling experience. Select the wrong remodeller, however, and your project and remodelling experience could become one of those remodelling horror stories you hear of all too often.

Who is the “right” remodeller for you?

Experience shows that you will be most satisfied most often with projects done by a remodeller who:

  • Operates a legally compliant business

  • Uses honest, fair and ethical business practices

  • Has integrity and is trustworthy

  • Believes consumers should be treated fairly

  • Is competent, qualified and professional

  • Has the skill, qualifications, and managerial ability to handle your project

  • Matches your “comfort level” for how much risk you’re prepared to assume