Designing and Remodelling Your Bathroom For Aging In Place - Start With the Bathtub or Shower

For a home that is designed around aging in place, the bathtub or shower is one of the most important elements. Consumer Reports tells us that 235,000 people wind up in the emergency room each year due to injuries that occur while showering, taking a bath or using the bathroom. Tub and shower bases with slip-free surfaces can eliminate a majority of these injuries. When it comes to the design of the tub or shower, there are a variety of choices:

  • Install a basic stand-up shower with a slip-free shower base. If you have a small shower, make sure to enlarge it so that there is extra room for seating, a walker or other equipment.

  • Curbless showers are another great option. These showers don’t have the small ledge along the edge of the shower, meaning that there is less chance that you’ll trip when entering. These showers also make it easier to maneuver walkers as you enter.

  • If you’d rather not give up the luxury of a hot bath, then consider a walk-in tub. You’ll pay a premium price for this type of bathtub, but if you enjoy soaking in the tub, then the extra investment might very well be worth it. Consider Toilets and Sinks