Fall Renovations Part 1

Springtime is best known as the time we sweep out the winter dust to prepare for the incoming summer breeze. I find fall to be a great time to begin a few renovations to prepare for the winter — the air is crisp and clean, and the temperatures are still manageable. Here are a few green renovations to get your home ready for the upcoming winter holidays, as well as next year:


You Can Never Have Enough Candles

The quickest and easiest renovation you can make to your home entering the colder months is installing candleholders. These can be wall-mounted in hallways, on tables and desks in rooms, or on shelves and counters in the bathroom and kitchen. Even your porch and patio should be equipped with a few candles.

In Canada where it tends to be a little colder during the winter months, access to candles becomes imperative in the event of a winter storm, blackout, or other such events, providing light, heat, and a cooking source in the event of an emergency.